Summary in English

The Ecovillage Amat is a new proposal of cooperative housing and work, in la Garrotxa, a region of the Pre Pirinees in Catalonia. A vulcanic region with hundreds of hectares of preserved and comunal forests, and lot of history, at 1h30 from Barcelona. Where the first worker union was created in 1440, el Sindicat Remença, and where that peasants struggle led to the end of feudalism in Catalunya in 1480. -3 centuries before the next country, France.

The Ecovillage will try to offer 5 to 10 living spaces for permanent inhabitants, and other spaces for visitors and friends. We will also try to create work cooperatives in agroflorestry, permaculture, free education, wood work, artistic and eco-academic events and ecologic hostelling, in order to be fully sustainable in the economic level, both individually and collectively.

Our economy combines, as in the Catalan EcoNetworks (EcoXarxes) and Catalan Integral Cooperative, 3 economic spaces: comunitarian economy; barter economy; and Euros economy in cooperativism and fair trade.

Everybody is welcome to join and share some days or weeks with us, contributing with work, ideas, art, local currency or regular money.

The land, with 70 hectares, was bought in 2015. Now the quotes of 40.000€of those willing to live permanently in the Ecovillage, will allow the process of full collectivization of the land take place. And will offer the Ecovillage the economic means for rebuilding the old houses.

At that time (Spring-Summer 2016) we don’t have any building in the lands, and we can stay there only with tents. We are renting a big house 30 mn from the land for the people interested in contributing with the ecovillage.

The project is inspired by eco libertarian ideas, hippism, indigenism, ecumenism and pacifism. Tolstoy, Dylan, Lennon, Gandhi… We work with assemblee and consensus, and with work and housing cooperative in a legal level.

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Becoming part of the Ecovillage and visiting us

To become a permanent inhabitant of the Ecovillage, a co-owner of the land and have the right of use of a personal, familiar or group appartment, we have stablished a Cooperative Share of 40.000€, with monthly quotes of 300€.

The ownership of the 70 ha of land begins as a private property with the desire of becoming a collectivized ownership through a Housing Coop, that will own the land and houses, when the permanent inhabitants complete their share of the cost of buying the land and rebuilding.

In addition, temporal inhabitants can share appartments for a fraction of that cost, work and weight in the decisions.

And all visitors and friends are welcome, and can pay their stay with work, local currencies and euros at affordable prices and free share of all the knowledge created in the ecovillage.

Come and visit us, the place is a paradise! at 1h30 from Barcelona up pyrinees!

Hippy High School

We are beginning to plan the Summer Free University of Amat Ecovillage (ULLEEA) or Hippy High School.

We will begin in a very natural format, Rainbow Gathering style, with tents and staying in nearby houses, because there are still no built houses on the land.

Everyone is invited to receive and share knowledge, work, ideas and arts !!

It will happen in summers, and the contents will be organized according to the subjects related with Ecovillaging, in three areas:

Knowledge on sustainability and cooperativism: thinking an ecovillage.

Physical cooperative work: how to build an ecovillage.

Arts & Leisure: evening of music and all kinds of artistic expressions

Any contribution of knowledge and arts that you can make on those subjects, namely, how to create and sing for a better world, welcome!

Write to us the activity you would like to offer, and we will organize it on the calendar.

All activities are free because they are part of the struggle for free culture and knowledge.

The groups and speakers are welcome to sell their books, records, etc. and promote their art.

The ecovillage expects to generate funds through the sale of food, drinks. And in future editions, with accommodation and sale of products done in the ecovillage.

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